Proudhorned Sernuk

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The Proudhorned Sernuk is a huntable creature in Palia. It is the rare variant of the Sernuk species.


The Proudhorned Sernuk, alternatively known as the teleporting deer (frequently referred to as the "disco deer" in the in-game chat), is a deer-like creature with black eyes, a greyish-white body and black legs. The fur pattern is streaked with thick, light blue lines covering much of its chest, belly, and tail areas as well as parts of its sides and face.

Additionally, it is crowned with a pair of intricate, beautiful brown antlers.


The Proudhorned Sernuk can be found in Bahari Bay in every area where normal Sernuks and Elder Sernuks roam. It has a chance to spawn in place of other Sernuk types during night time in-game; therefore, killing Sernuks during the evening will increase the chance for Proundhorned Sernuks to spawn in larger numbers around the map.

There is also a small chance for a Proudhorned Sernuk to spawn in a Flow Tree Grove, anywhere around Bahari Bay in general.


When left alone, Proudhorned Sernuks will be in an idle state, displaying a number of idling behaviors. An idle Proudhorned Sernuk will wander the area close to its spawning location, occasionally stopping to eat grass. (This does not actually affect any foliage around the Sernuk).

When a player enters a Proudhorned Sernuk's attention range or either hits or barely misses it with an arrow, the Proudhorned Sernuk will enter its alarmed or chase state and begin running away from the threat.

Unlike other kinds of Sernuk, the Proudhorned Sernuk has the ability to teleport in short bursts, which allows it to make tremendous ground away from a threat. This behavior can be disabled upon being struck by a Dispel Arrow, which prevents the creature from teleporting.






Idle, wandering
Front Upclose, near grove
Side Upclose, near grove
Side Close-up, near grove