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Build 0.181 is an Open Beta Update (#17) that was released on June 25, 2024 for Palia.


PatchNotes181 0.jpg

At a Glance

Ahoy, Palians! This patch is blooming with flourishing flowers and new loot to plunder. Prepare to hoist the sails, swab the decks, and dive into the Bloomin’ Bounties update.

  • Building Blocks can now come in copper, iron, and gold! 📦
  • Play in a party to earn Party Buffs and rewards, including seeds for Growable Furniture! 🌱
  • Spin Zeki’s Prize Wheel in the Black Market Underground to earn prizes. 🎇
  • The Prize Wheel brings new loot including the Pirate Decor Furniture Set 🏴‍☠️
  • Get inspired with the Home Tour Board to find more ways to decorate your plot! 🏡
  • The Premium Store brings a new pet, outfit bundles, and introduces Landscapes, new ways to customize your home environment 🌄
  • ...and more!


New Features & Updates

Building Blocks can be made with new materials to make your creations even flashier.

Create even more variety in your structures with building blocks, now available in new materials: Copper, Iron, and Gold.

The following items are now available:

Head to the City Hall now to buy the Gold Building Blocks or purchase the recipes for Copper and Iron Building Blocks!

⚠️Building Blocks have a limit of 1,000 pieces (which falls under the max limit of 3,000 total decor). We are investigating the possibility to increase this limit in future patches, but do not have additional details to share at this time.

PatchNotes181 1.jpg

Grab your pals and Party Up. 🥳 Party Buffs are here!

Party Buffs bring new ways for you to enjoy Palia with pals.

When you party up with others and partake in activities with a party member nearby, you and your party member will receive a buff that provides a chance at doubled loot and make progress towards special Party-based Accomplishments. These new Accomplishments will provide brand new rewards: Growable Furniture! 🌱

Party Buffs

When partied up with friends and within 35 meters of a party member, you’ll be able to enjoy the loot of your party member’s activities, even if you didn’t participate! This will apply to hunting, insect-catching, foraging, and mining.

When playing near party members, you’ll also have a chance at earning double the loot! This will apply to loot-based activities including hunting, insect catching, foraging, mining, and fishing. This will not apply to cooking, gardening, and furniture making skills.

PatchNotes181 2.jpg

You must be within a range of 35 meters of a party member for the buff to be active. You can check this range by looking out for the Party Buff icon near your name in the upper left corner.

PatchNotes181 3.png

Party People Accomplishments

As you play with and near your fellow party members, you’ll earn XP towards the Party People Accomplishments, visible on the Accomplishments tab. Completing this accomplishment will provide brand new rewards: seeds for Growable Furniture.

Growable Furniture is currently only available as a reward for partying up with friends so be sure to invite pals on your adventures.

There are 5 levels of the Party People Accomplishment and each level will provide one item of Growable Furniture. When you receive a Growable Furniture item seedling, you can plant it on your plot, water it, and watch it grow over time into a blooming piece of decor! Once it is fully grown, you can collect a seed from it to grow more decor over time!

The following Growable Furniture items are available as seeds through Party People Accomplishments:

PatchNotes181 4.gif

Spin the Wheel

Zeki’s Prize Wheel is back and better than ever! Head to the Black Market Underground and take a spin of the Prize Wheel for new rewards.

PatchNotes181 5.gif

Play Hotpot matches in the Black Market to obtain Prize Wheel Coins. You’ll win one coin every time you finish a game of Hotpot, and you’ll earn a second coin if you win a game. A spin of the Prize Wheel will cost you two Prize Wheel Coins.

Zeki’s procured new goodies, just for the Prize Wheel. The loot pool includes old favorites like gold and ingredients, as well as a trove of new items including new fireworks, furniture, and plushies.

The following items are available to win as rewards from Zeki’s Prize Wheel: Ingredients

  • Gold.png Gold
  • Fireworks
  • Lucky Coin.png Lucky Coins
  • Jumbo Chapaa Plushie
  • Jumbo Maji Plushie
  • Jumbo Ancient Fish Plushie
  • New Pirate decor furniture set

You read that right - there are JUMBO plushies that have been added to the Prize wheel too!

PatchNotes181 6.jpg

Now available: Pirate Decor Furniture Set 🏴‍☠️

Arr, matey! Prepare to bring new treasures to your home plot! Zeki’s Prize Wheel contains a new set of Pirate Decor Furniture, for all you scallywags looking to bring a bit of the sea to your home plot.

The following items are now available to win through Zeki’s Prize Wheel:

These items will also add a bit of glimmering treasure to your home plot and can be purchased from Black Market register:

PatchNotes181 7.gif

Get inspired with the new Home Tour Board

Ready to add a few extra touches to your house? Visit the Tour Board, a new board on your Housing Plot, close to the gates to Kilima Village.

Here, you can visit a special Dream Home designed by Tish to give you ideas and inspiration for how you can use the latest decor from this patch. Show your love by adding a Chapaa sticker to let her know what you think!

Catch a sneak preview of Home Tours which will be coming soon in a future patch. When this goes live in the future, you will have the chance to share your plot with others or visit other plots to get inspired!

Rewards & More!

We have a few events coming up that will yield you sweet loot - keep an eye out for these upcoming login and collaboration events!

Login Rewards

When you log in to Palia between June 26 at 10 am PT and July 9 at 9 am PT, you’ll be able to claim a Big Frogbert plush to add to your toad-ally awesome froggy collection! 🐸

P/S Big Frogbert may also be bringing along another fiery-friend in a couple weeks!

Twitch Drops

Twitch Drops are back for 0.181! Check out the Twitch Drops blog here for more information on Twitch Drops for this Patch and how to receive some stackable plushies.

Partner Collaboration

Starting on July 11, we will have an upcoming Palia collaboration that we can’t wait to share with you. Keep an eye out on our channels for more info! ☕

Improvements & Adjustments

Social Improvements

With the addition of more Party Buffs and rewards, we want to make it easier for players to party up with each other and figure out where their friends are, so we have added a few improvements to the Social Panel:

  • We have made it easier to keep track of where your party members are in the world - Bring on the X-ray vision as you can now spot their name plates through walls and more!👁️‍
  • You’ll also be able to see when other players are “Looking for Party” with an icon next to their name plate when exploring the world.🔎
  • You can now tell which map your friends are on! 🗺️
  • You no longer need to wait for your friend to invite you to their server and can now make the proactive choice to join their server instead. 🤝
  • The Party UI has a few additions to improve its look 💅

PatchNotes181 8.png

Missed out on Frogbert?

Don’t worry - while Kaiju Frogbert has disappeared from the Kilima Fields, Zeki has captured the littlest Frogbert plush and you now have the chance to win it from Zeki’s Machine and to pair it with the Big Frogbert plush login reward (above).

You can now fish in the Black Market Underground!

A new fishing spot has been uncovered in the center of the Black Market! Cast a line in between hotpot games and here, you will be able to catch the same types of fish that you would find in caves.

PatchNotes181 9.jpg

Health bars will appear above creatures you’re hunting.

The health bar will display once a creature takes damage from either you or someone in your party (when you are within range of that party member).

Loot bag icons will now appear on your compass.

After hunting a creature, dazing an insect or woodcutting, you’ll see a loot bag icon appear on your compass to guide you to its location. No more playing hide-and-seek with loot bags!

PatchNotes181 10.gif

Brightness (Gamma) settings are now available on the Nintendo Switch.☀️

The Water Temple now has a dedicated map. 🌊

Our Palian cartographer got a bit lost wandering through the Temple of the Waves but has finally made their way out! You will now be able to see a custom map in this temple.

Premium Store Updates

You can now browse through different types of cosmetic content in the Premium Store.

We hope the addition of tabs / sections make it easier for you to find something that suits your style! 🪭

PatchNotes181 11.jpg

Introducing Landscapes, new ways to customize your home plot to make your dream home even better!

Landscapes are the newest customization options in the Premium Store and will visually update the environment surrounding your home plot with a fresh, new destination.

We have 3 landscapes in the Premium Store: Wooded Grove, Kilima Heights, and Shipwreck Isles.

PatchNotes181 12.gif

Name Landscape Type Price per Landscape
Wooded Grove Set your home in a wooded haven, full of lush green trees and forest flair. Palia Coin.png 425 Palia Coins
Kilima Heights Let your home bask in the fresh mountain air with the Kilima Heights Landscape, set upon the mountain cliffs over Kilima Village. Palia Coin.png 1,275 Palia Coins
Shipwreck Isles Embrace summer with the beachy vibes of Shipwreck Isles, complete with sandy shores. Explore deeper to find a secret hideaway and more! Palia Coin.png 2,550 Palia Coins

Players can equip these by opening their Plot settings from the Housing Menu. Each slot in your housing plot can be assigned its own Landscape, so get ready to start your second house!

The new Drake pet is now available for purchase. 🐲

There are five Drake pets available for purchase: Earthfang Drake, Firefang Drake, Starfang Drake, Seafang Drake, and Heartfang Drake.

  • Earthfang, Firefang, Starfang, and Seafang Drakes have element-inspired designs and can each be purchased for Palia Coin.png 1,275 Palia Coins.
  • The Heartfang Drake can be purchased for Palia Coin.png 1,700 Palia Coins and has a few extra adornments including fluttery wings, bows, a gem collar, and heart scales! 💕 While each Drake pet loves showing off a special trick emote, the Heartfang Drake has a few extra tricks up its wings. 🪽 🐉

One New Outfit Bundle, and three Outfits have been added to the Premium Store, available immediately.

Bundle Name Outfit Names Pieces Price (Per Outfit/Bundle)
Seafoam Siren Seadream One-piece 2550 Palia Coins
Buccaneer Fiscally Free Hat, Top, Bottom, Facemask, Face Cover 1700 Palia Coins
Vintage Beachwear
  • Picnicker
  • Sunbather
  • Snorkler
Hat, Top, Bottom Palia Coin.png 1,275 / Palia Coin.png 2,550 Palia Coins
Knit Together Leapfroggy Hat, Top, Bottom Palia Coin.png 850 Palia Coins

Flippin around, you’ll get so far. 🌊

✨The Seafoam Siren includes extra splashy fish and water effects when you run in and idle. Channel your inner mermaid and let this outfit be part of your world. 🧜‍♀️

PatchNotes181 21.gif

Look ribbit-ing and hop to the Pondside Perfection Bundle! 🐸

The Pondside Perfection Bundle comes with the following items for a discounted price of 2550 Palia Coins:

  • Leapfroggy Outfit - While this outfit was previously available as an account linking reward, it has now leaped into the Premium Store and is purchasable separately or as part of this bundle!
  • Lilypad Leaper Outfit from the Plushie Pal Set
  • Froggy Tool Skins: Watering Can and Fishing Rod - these two frogtastic tool skins can also be purchased outside of this bundle for 850 Palia Coins.

You can preview and equip purchased Tool Skins in the Collections menu.

PatchNotes181 22.png

Walk the plank with the Prismbeard’s Bundle today!

This bundle includes the following items for a discounted price of Palia Coin.png 1,900 Palia Coins:

  • Fiscally Free Buccaneer Outfit (which includes the Buccaneer Beard and Buccaneer Eyepatch)
  • Prismbeard’s Glider - This glider can also be purchased separately, with its bold color and Grimalkin glitz, individually for Palia Coin.png 850 Palia Coins.

PatchNotes181 23.png

Three Outfit Bundles will be added to the Premium Store, available starting on July 9, 2024, but you can preview them in the Wardrobe now.

Bundle Name Outfit Names Pieces Price (Per Outfit/Bundle)
Stellar Sorcery
  • Moonrise
  • Daybreak
  • First Snow
Hat, Top, Bottom Palia Coin.png 3,400 / Palia Coin.png 6,800 Palia Coins
Akwinduu Avant-Garde
  • Sleek City
  • Posh Palace
  • Classy Courtyard
Top, Bottom Palia Coin.png 850 / Palia Coin.png 1,700 Palia Coins
Plucky Tourist
  • Sunny Safari
  • Jungle Adventure
  • Island Getaway
Top, Bottom Palia Coin.png 850 / Palia Coin.png 1,700 Palia Coins

✨The Stellar Sorcery outfit comes with its own flying effects! Equip the Stellar Sorcery torso and a magical broomstick will take the place of your glider so you can soar across the Palian sky. 🧹

PatchNotes181 27.gif

Add more sparkle with the Stellar Sorcery tool skins! ✨

Players can also choose to add a little more magic to their look with the Stellar Sorcery Tool Skins for Palia Coin.png 850 Palia Coins, which comes with a hunting bow and a gardening hoe tool skin. 🪄

PatchNotes181 28.png

Top Bug Fixes

Disclaimer: Please note this is not a comprehensive list of all fixed issues.


  • Fixed issues with obtaining Cozy Ladder recipe from rummage piles
  • Fixed some circumstances where Star Quality Ancient CloudminnowSQ.png Ancient Cloudminnow and/or Ancient FlowbugSQ.png Ancient Flowbug may have disappeared from inventory
    • Note: This may not address all issues, so please continue sending reports in.
  • Fixed an issue where Switch players would not see the starting timer for Hot Pot


  • Fixed some circumstances where players are unable to access a new server invite
    • Note: This may not address all server invite issues, so please continue sending reports in.
  • Fixed an issue where players may receive a friend request pop-up notification from players they have previously declined

Housing & Decor

  • You can now remove bay windows in Placement Mode from the Grand Harvest House Grand Harvest House
  • You can now scroll beyond the visible space within the Permissions section for Plot Settings

Premium Cosmetics

  • Nintendo Switch.svg Fixed some crashes players experienced while selecting the Sakura outfit in the Wardrobe or the Premium Store
  • Nintendo Switch.svg Fixed some crashes players experienced while browsing the customization options in Jel Profile.png Jel's shop
    • Note: We’re aware this might not address every instance, so please continue sending more details for our devs to investigate if you run into this!
  • Fixed an issue where premium cosmetic tool skins may sometimes not appear to other players

Top Known Issues

Disclaimer: Please note this is not a comprehensive list of all known issues.

New to 0.181

  • "Looking for Party" icon may sometimes appear in text chat next to a player character's name after you join a party

Other Issues

  • We are aware and continuing to investigate reports that some players are still experiencing the following issues:
    • Completing the Quest Icon.png Pebbled Plunder quest
    • Completing the Quest Icon.png Prove Your Devotion quest requirement to “Plant five wild trees on your plot”
    • Picking up loot from hunting Note: Please continue sending more details for our devs to investigate if you run into these issues!
  • [PC] Some players have experienced issues with key rebindings after a patch update.