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The Inventory refers only to the Items section of the Player Menu Inventory Tab and displays all items carried by Le Joueur.


The Inventory can be accessed via the player menu by using key on PC ( on Switch), or via the quick access key / on PC; Inventory is the first item on the Switch menu, so clicking after could be quick.

Inventory as seen in-game while viewing Backpack contents.

The Inventory is divided into three parts, via clickable tabs, as follows:


The Backpack, identified by the Sack icon, is the default section of the Inventory that displays all items carried by the Player, except Ammo and Quest Items.

The Player will start off with limited access to Backpack slots, with the option to purchase additional slots via upgrades.

Pour plus d'informations, voir Backpack.

Ammo Pouch

The Ammo Pouch, identified by the Arrowhead icon, is the section of the Inventory that displays all Ammo carried by the Player.

The Player will start off with limited access to Ammo Pouch slots, with the option to purchase additional slots via upgrades.

Pour plus d'informations, voir Ammo Pouch.

Quest Pouch

The Quest Pouch, identified by the Exclamation Mark icon, is the section of the Inventory that displays all Objets de quête carried by the Player.

All slots for the Quest Pouch are fully unlocked, so no upgrades for additional slots are required.

Pour plus d'informations, voir Quest Pouch.

Inventory Overflow

Once all the inventory slots are taken, the inventory will turn red to indicate that no further slots are available. Should you pick up a new item, the overflow warning will trigger, and the item will be placed in a temporary Overflow bar at the bottom of your Inventory pane. When the Overflow bar is full, the next item put into Overflow will push the oldest item out and send it to your General Storage at home. If General Storage is full, the item will be deposited anyway, placing your home storage in an overflow state (e.g., 10,025/10,000 items) where new items cannot be manually placed in storage until space is freed.

To remove an item from the Overflow bar, you may free an item slot in your Backpack by discarding or storing an item or by combining item stacks, if applicable, then move the item from the Overflow bar into the Backpack.

Discarding Items

To discard an item from the inventory, drag it over the small bin Trash can in the lower left corner of the inventory screen. Alternatively you can select the item by clicking it once, then clicking on the trash can. This will destroy the item permanently and cannot be reversed.

Historique des mises à jour

Build 0.179:

  • Ammo Pouch tab added.

Build 0.176:

  • Quest Pouch tab added.

Build 0.169:

  • Dev Update September 2023:
    • We have seen a lot of feedback around managing bag inventory when players are out in the world. To save you some trips back and forth to your housing plot, we are adding separate places for you to store ammo, bait, and quest items, called “pouches”. There will be two different pouches, an Ammo & Bait pouch and a Quest Item pouch. You will be able to manage the items in these pouches by simply toggling to dedicated tabs in your Player Menu. When created or looted, Ammo & Bait and Quest Items will go directly to these dedicated pouches; no management required. You start with one complete row of dedicated ammo and bait slots.
      • Ammo & Bait pouch upgrades will be purchasable with gold through Zeki’s General Store, and will add additional rows of ammo and bait inventory just like the backpack upgrades. When Players have purchased all of these, they’ll have a total of 40 available ammo and bait slots.
      • However, the Quest Item pouch has unlimited capacity. You will no longer need to worry about Quest Item management at all, and will be able to carry all quest items on your person at all times. Look forward to us starting to implement this feature in the next few patches!