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Daiya Family Farm is a location in Kilima Valley. It is the home of Badruu Profile.png Badruu, Delaila Profile.png Delaila, Nai'o Profile.png Nai'o, and Auni Profile.png Auni.

The Daiya family helps out every day to keep the produce farm running smoothly. Between Delaila’s daily optimism, Badruu’s cheeky puns, Auni’s infectious enthusiasm, and Nai’o’s ability to see the best in people, any member of the Daiya family is sure to brighten your day.

–Palia Website


Map location of Daiya Family Farm.

Daiya Family Farm is located west of Kilima Village in the northern part of Leafhopper Hills. To the west of the farm is Gillyfin Cove and to the northeast is Mirror Fields. Daiya Family Farm can be identified by its buildings with straw-thatched roofs and numerous farm-related features including an apple tree orchard, crop field, silo and well.



Register Location

The Open-Air Stand is the southernmost building of Daiya Family Farm, next to the orchard. Inside the stand is the Crop Store Register that can be accessed at any time and offers a variety of fresh crops and vegetables.

Crop Store

Product Price
Carrot Carrot Gold.png 90
Onion Onion Gold.png 120
Tomato Tomato Gold.png 90
Cotton Cotton Gold.png 180
Potato Potato Gold.png 180
Wheat Wheat Gold.png 130
Rice Rice Gold.png 105
Corn Corn Gold.png 160
Bok Choy Bok Choy Gold.png 120
Napa Cabbage Napa Cabbage Gold.png 160
Spring Fever Wheelbarrow Spring Fever WheelbarrowRecipe
Gold.png 150
Spring Fever Swing Spring Fever SwingRecipe
Gold.png 400
Spring Fever Large Lights Spring Fever Large LightsRecipe
Gold.png 400
Terracotta Paver Terracotta PaverRecipe
Gold.png 1,000
Round Concrete Paver Round Concrete PaverRecipe
Gold.png 1,000
Wood Plank Paver Wood Plank PaverRecipe
Gold.png 1,000
Square Concrete Paver Square Concrete PaverRecipe
Gold.png 1,000
Sandstone Flagstone Paver Sandstone Flagstone PaverRecipe
Gold.png 1,000
Wood Slab Paver Wood Slab PaverRecipe
Gold.png 1,000

Nearby Notable Locations


 «  Stuffed Mushrooms  » 

To make a sumptuous, stuffed mushroom, simply fill the cap of a mountain morel with chopped tomatoes, chopped spice sprouts, and a generous pinch of bacon.


Update History

Build 0.180:

  • Paver recipes added to Crop Store.