Folk Flowers Outfit

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Folk Flowers Outfit is a premium outfit set that consists of 3 outfit variants: Poppy, Sunflower, and Calendula. Each outfit variant comes with 3 different color swatch options.

How to Obtain

The Folk Flowers Outfit set and its individual outfit variants can be purchased from the Premium Store using Palia Coin.png Palia Coins.


Folk Flowers Outfit


Poppy Fullbody Color 1.png
Poppy Fullbody Color 2.png
Poppy Fullbody Color 3.png


Sunflower Fullbody Color 1.png
Sunflower Fullbody Color 2.png
Sunflower Fullbody Color 3.png


Calendula Fullbody Color 1.png
Calendula Fullbody Color 2.png
Calendula Fullbody Color 3.png