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Consumables are items in the world of Palia that can be eaten or opened for various benefits. Further details for each consumable can be found on its respective page.

List of Consumables

There are 65 Consumables listed.

Image Name Rarity Crafter Value Focus
Blue Candy Egg.png Blue Candy Egg Uncommon Gold.png 250
Box of Chocolates.png Box of Chocolates Abundant Gold.png 50
Century Egg Congee.png Century Egg Congee Common Gold.png 75
Chapaa Pop.png Chapaa Pop Uncommon Gold.png 8 50
Decor Prize Bag.png Decor Prize Bag Abundant Gold.png
Delaila's Almond Cookies.png Delaila's Almond Cookies Uncommon Gold.png 17 100
Delaila's Eight Treasure Rice.png Delaila's Eight Treasure Rice Epic Gold.png 79 475
Delaila's Fried Sesame Balls.png Delaila's Fried Sesame Balls Uncommon Gold.png 25 150
Delaila's Halo Halo.png Delaila's Halo Halo Epic Gold.png 183 550
Delaila's Handy Crepe.png Delaila's Handy Crepe Rare Gold.png 83 250
Delaila's Hopalong Puff.png Delaila's Hopalong Puff Rare Gold.png 108 325
Delaila's Hopia.png Delaila's Hopia Rare Gold.png 54 325
Delaila's Kapse.png Delaila's Kapse Uncommon Gold.png 38 225
Delaila's Melon Bun.png Delaila's Melon Bun Uncommon Gold.png 75 225
Delaila's Nian Gao.png Delaila's Nian Gao Uncommon Gold.png 42 250
Delaila's Peach Cake.png Delaila's Peach Cake Uncommon Gold.png 67 200
Delaila's Rolled Ice Cream.png Delaila's Rolled Ice Cream Uncommon Gold.png 33 100
Delaila's Spiced Sweet Roll.png Delaila's Spiced Sweet Roll Uncommon Gold.png 42 125
Delaila's Tanghulu.png Delaila's Tanghulu Uncommon Gold.png 33 100
Fireworks Prize Bag.png Fireworks Prize Bag Abundant Gold.png
Fried Dough Congee.png Fried Dough Congee Common Gold.png 50
Gold Prize Bag.png Gold Prize Bag Abundant Gold.png
Green Candy Egg.png Green Candy Egg Unspecified Gold.png 250
Hotpot Takout Bundle.png Hotpot Takout Bundle Unspecified Gold.png
Ingredients Prize Bag.png Ingredients Prize Bag Abundant Gold.png
Jelly.png Jelly Common Gold.png 110 55
Lucky Box.png Lucky Box Unspecified Gold.png
Lucky Coin Prize Bag.png Lucky Coin Prize Bag Abundant Gold.png
Onion and Garlic Congee.png Onion and Garlic Congee Common Gold.png 50
Plushie Prize Bag.png Plushie Prize Bag Abundant Gold.png
Recipe.png Recipe: Fish Stew Rare Gold.png
Recipe.png Recipe: Sashimi Uncommon Gold.png
Recipe.png Recipe: Sushi Epic Gold.png
Red Candy Egg.png Red Candy Egg Uncommon Gold.png 250
Reth's Bouillabaisse.png Reth's Bouillabaisse Rare Gold.png 58 350
Reth's Banh Chung.png Reth's Bánh Chưng Epic Gold.png 75 450
Reth's Bánh Mì.png Reth's Bánh Mì Rare Gold.png 86 250
Reth's Century Egg.png Reth's Century Egg Abundant Gold.png 33 150
Reth's Corn Dogs.png Reth's Corn Dogs Rare Gold.png 50 150
Reth's Hearty Veggie Bao.png Reth's Hearty Veggie Bao Uncommon Gold.png 67 200
Reth's Hot Peki Wings.png Reth's Hot Peki Wings Uncommon Gold.png 67 200
Reth's Ice Cream Mochi.png Reth's Ice Cream Mochi Rare Gold.png 100 300
Reth's Lettuce Soup.png Reth's Lettuce Soup Abundant Gold.png 17 100
Reth's Lumpia.png Reth's Lumpia Rare Gold.png 50 300
Reth's Noodle Rolls.png Reth's Noodle Rolls Rare Gold.png 58 350
Chapaa Onigiri.png Reth's Onigiri Rare Gold.png 75 225
Poke Bowl.png Reth's Poke Bowl Epic Gold.png 175 525
Reth's Potato Soup.png Reth's Potato Soup Uncommon Gold.png 46 250
Reth's Red Bean Mochi.png Reth's Red Bean Mochi Rare Gold.png 117 350
Reth's Steak Dinner.png Reth's Steak Dinner Uncommon Gold.png 42 225
Reth's Stinky Tofu.png Reth's Stinky Tofu Uncommon Gold.png 58 175
Reth's Veggie Soup.png Reth's Veggie Soup Common Gold.png 33 100
Ruined Food.png Ruined Food Abundant Gold.png 5
Salty Hotpot Takeout.png Salty Hotpot Takeout Epic Gold.png 83 500
Shredded Meat Congee.png Shredded Meat Congee Common Gold.png 50
Spicy Hotpot Takeout.png Spicy Hotpot Takeout Epic Gold.png 83 500
Tangy Hotpot Takeout.png Tangy Hotpot Takeout Epic Gold.png 83 500
Umami Hotpot Takeout.png Umami Hotpot Takeout Epic Gold.png 83 500
Treasure Chests.png Waterlogged Chest Epic Gold.png
Yellow Candy Egg.png Yellow Candy Egg Unspecified Gold.png 250
Zeki's Custard Taiyaki.png Zeki's Custard Taiyaki Uncommon Gold.png 33 200
Zeki's Original Taiyaki.png Zeki's Original Taiyaki Uncommon Gold.png 33 200
Zeki's Pandan Taiyaki.png Zeki's Pandan Taiyaki Uncommon Gold.png 33 200
Zeki's Spicy Taiyaki.png Zeki's Spicy Taiyaki Rare Gold.png 38 225
Zeki's Ube Taiyaki.png Zeki's Ube Taiyaki Uncommon Gold.png 33 200