A Scheme Involving Pyramids

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A Scheme Involving Pyramids is a Friendship Quest given by Elouisa upon reaching Friendship Level 4: Paranormal Pal.


Elouisa wants to sell you 3 three-dimensional triangles that you can sell to your friends. Save up 2,000 gold if you're interested in investing.


Part 1

↷ Return to Elouisa


At Quest Completion



  1. After completing the sub-quest, Quest Icon.png An Important Inquiry, a letter from Elouisa will arrive. She has an business proposal to talk over with you.
  2. Talk to Elouisa about this exciting opportunity.
  3. Return to Elouisa with Gold.png 2,000 Gold in your possession. In exchange, receive three objects which are clearly not pyramids.
  4. As Elouisa stated, sell the 3 three-dimensional triangles to your friends!
    • Speaking to Elouisa during a casual chat may prompt her to give you clues as to who may purchase them.
    • You can sell Pulsating "Triangle" to Tamala, Zeki and Kenli for 1000 gold each.
    • They do not need to be in your inventory to sell them, they can be in your home storage.

Dialogue and Mail


Letter from Elouisa (NOTE: This letter does not automatically start the quest. You must talk to Elouisa first.)

Hello friend or family member,
I have an important business proposal to discuss with you. Please meet with me to chat at your earliest convenience! Otherwise, you will be cursed.

P.S. Salutations, Paranormal Pal! I was told to format this a certain way, but I wanted to add that you absolutely have to come see my latest discovery! - Elouisa

Elouisa Profile.png Elouisa

Upon speaking with Elouisa

There you are!
I shared our concerns regarding the Brightfiends with a traveling merchant...and she said she had seen one before!
She even provided me with a solution...one that we can share for a mere 2,000 gold.
That's a lot of gold.
I get you might be hesitant to commit to such a thing. I was at first too.
See...it is this three dimensional triangle. It will protect you from being stolen by a Brighteyes. Brighteyes and Brightfiends are afraid of triangles after all.
Why triangles?
Because! Triangles are sharp and scary. And that is not all.
When you buy a triangle, it comes with more triangles that you can sell to friends.
And then those friends can sell those triangles. And then everyone in village will be safe!

Well, if it protects our friends...
Exactly! No cost is too great when it comes to your friends.

Maybe we can use them to set a trap!
That is the spirit! First you just need to trap a lot more gold.

How many can I get?
I only have 3 to spare for now, but if this works out I can get even more!

Have you ever heard of a pyramid scheme?
They are not pyramids, they are three dimensional triangles, totally different.

Anyway, just let me know when you are ready to buy!


Upon returning to Elouisa with money

I brought the money for the triangles.
Perfect! Keep them close, and be sure to sell the extras to anyone who needs them!


Selling the pyramids to friends

Interested in buying a magic triangle?

Oh, this will protect me from Brighteyes you say, well, I've never heard of Brighteyes, but they sound scary.
Give me one of those, and I shall give you 1,000 gold in return.

This object you hold does have magic, though not the kind you think.
I would gladly party with 1000 gold to examine it. Just give me the triangle and I'll give you the gold.

You got this from Elouisa? I wonder how she got it. I would recognize this handiwork anywhere. My ma made this triangle.
Oh, ma, up to your old tricks again. I'll take one. Just give this to me, and I'll give ya 1,000 gold for the trouble.

Speaking with Elouisa after selling at least one pyramid

Did you sell those triangles yet?

Good, you have made this village a safer place.
Apparently Zeki forbade his mother from selling me more of them, so we will have to make our own for everyone else.
I already asked Sifuu if she could put together a mold!

Try asking Zeki, Tamala, or Kenli.
They all seem like potential Brighteyes targets! If one of them is replaced, Kilima could fall apart.


Update History

Build 0.168:

  • Additional guidance introduced. Players can now talk to Elouisa while she is in her room to get it started.

Build 0.165:

  • Introduced.