Badruu Blues

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Badruu Blues is a Friendship Quest given by Nai'o on behalf of Badruu upon reaching Friendship Level 2: Helpful Neighbor


Nai'o's worried his dad's lost his spark, and wants your help getting it back. Maybe a new lute will do the trick?


Part 1

↷ Return to Nai'o

Part 2

Find Badruu's lute and bring it to Nai'o.

↷ Return to Nai'o

Part 3

Bring the lute to Badruu.

↷ Return to Badruu


During Quest

At Quest Completion


  1. If you happen to run into Nai'o, talk to him. He explains to you that Badruu loves music and does not understand why he stopped. His great idea? Make a new lute!
  2. Gather materials for a new lute!
    • Gather materials for Nai'o.
      • Heartwood can be found in Bahari Bay by chopping Fir trees.
      • Silk Thread can be gathered by catching bugs with a Rare or Epic rarity.
  3. Return to Nai'o and hand him the materials. He will then ask you to find Badruu's old lute to use as reference.
  4. Hurriedly bring the old lute to Nai'o. He will then whip up a New Lute!
  5. Surprise Badruu with a brand new lute!

Dialogue and Mail


Upon speaking to Nai'o

Oh hey! I was actually gonna stop by your place later, but here you are!
I might stop by anyways to get the extra leg minutes in, actually.
Uh, anyways. I was wondering if you might wanna do my dad a favor?

Why doesn't he ask me himself?
Because he doesn't know he needs it. The favor, I mean.

Of course! I noticed he seemed off earlier.
Great! Maybe this will cheer him up.

See, dad used to play the lute all the time in the barn, but lately it sounds like he's stopped.
I thought maybe he sprained a finger or something, but when I asked he said he just had better things to do.
I don't get it. Dad loves playing music. Ever since he stopped, he seems really down. Even the Ormuu are bummed out by it.
I was thinking maybe if I make him a new lute, it might inspire him to play again.
Do you think you could help me get the materials for it?
Oh, and don't tell dad about it, okay? I want this to be a surprise!


Upon bringing Nai'o the materials

I got the materials you wanted.
Great! If I can fix a fence, I can make a lute, right?
But, uh... do you think you could go find my dad's old lute for me? Just in case I need a reference.

Upon bringing Nai'o the Broken Lute

This is perfect! Thanks, (Player).
Sothat's how the strings work... Okay... okay...
Okay, got it all fixed up!
Do you think you can bring it to him? I don't want it to get covered in ormuu slop.


Upon giving Badruu the New Lute

Lute delivery!
I'll be a chapaa's uncle... is that what you and Nai'o were conspiring about?
I was wondering where my old one went. I thought a particularly musical ghost stole it!

Go ahead! Try it out!
Try it out? A beauty like this belongs in a museum! I couldn't possibly.
Besides, I've put all that stuff down. Can't hold a hoe when you've got a lute in the way after all..

Surprise, I was the ghost!
Does that make this a ghost lute? Maybe a...BOOte?
Seriously, too bad it isn't a ghost. At least then it would get some use.
I've put all that music stuff down. Can't hold a hoe when you've got a lute in the way after all.

It was Nai'o's idea.
I'll have to compliment him on the craftsmanship. I remember when he was still learning to whittle... you should've seen some of his carvings!
I do feel a little bad though that you two took all this time.
I've put all music stuff down. Can't hold a hoe when you've got a lute in the way after all.

Do you like it?
Like it? I love it! A beauty like this belongs in a museum, not my hay-covered hands.
Ya see, I've put all that music stuff down. Can't hold a hoe when you've got a lute in the way after all.

I'll confess, I used to sneak out to serenade the ormuu.
But when my lute broke, it seemed like a sign to call it quits.
No, I'll hang this up somewhere I can admire it. It really is a beautiful piece...
And it means a lot that you thought of me. You're sweet as a pea!


Letter from Badruu

Dear (Player),
I wanted to apologize for getting maudlin on you earlier. I've spent a lot of time lately wondering about what-ifs, and sometimes I forget to appreciate the things right in front of me. You see, I used to be part of a wandering troupe of bards in my youth! That's how I met Delaila. When it came time for me to leave town again, I didn't, and the rest is history.

I don't regret picking Delaila over music. I can't imagine my life without her and the boys. Sometimes I just wonder what it would have been like, that's all.

I'm sure you're plenty busy up there with your own hobbies, so I won't keep you longer. Just wanted to thank you for the lute, again. Maybe I will pick it back up, if only as a hobby...

Badruu Profile.png Badruu


Update History

Build 0.165:

  • Introduced.