Learning the Ropes

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Learning the Ropes is a Main Quest given by Ashura upon completion of quest Quest Icon.png Welcome to Palia.


Talk to the villagers to learn the remaining basics of living in Palia.


Part 1

  • Talk to Badruu to learn how to garden.
  • Talk to Reth to learn how to cook.

Part 2

It's time to get a proper roof over your head! Talk to the mayor, Kenli, to learn more.

  • Talk to Kenli about getting a house.


At Quest Completion
Renown.png 5 Renown


Needs information about what happens if you haven't spoken to the other.
  1. Talk to either Badruu or Reth to begin your journey on learning more about living life in Palia.
    • To talk to Badruu:
      • Head over to the Daiya Family Farm to meet Badruu, the gardening guru around these parts. Talk to him and he will agree to meet you at your housing plot to walk you through the steps of growing your own, fresh produce!
    • To talk to Reth:
      • Head over to the Ormuu's Horn Inn to meet the village chef Reth, usually standing behind the bar to the left. Talk to him and he will suggest you prepare a campfire and learn some campfire cooking.
  2. Before you go, Badruu and Reth will suggest talking to Kenli for a more permanent housing solution.
  3. Find Kenli and ask him about having a more permanent home solution.

Dialogue and Mail

Upon speaking to Badruu

Missing dialogue if haven't already spoken to Reth.
Can you teach me to garden?
You've come to the right place if you CARROT about fresh quality produce.
Honestly, I'm impressed to see you going after what you want.
If I had that kind of gumption, maybe I'd be doing more with my life than just making ends meet.
I'm just kidding around! Farm life's great. Especially if you love the smell of ormuu manure in the morning...I'll admit, it's a bit of an acquired taste.
Tell ya what, meet me on your plot later and I'll walk you through the steps!
Looks like you're ready to swing by Kenli. He's our mayor, so he'll get you set up with a new house!

Upon speaking to Reth

Missing dialogue if haven't already spoken to Badruu.
Can you teach me to cook?
Whoa there! You gotta learn to walk before you can swim.
Unless you're a fish. But I'm like 97% sure you're a Human.
Why don't you start out by making campfire for your place? Once you start grilling up shrooms like a champ, we'll get you started on the complicated stuff.
Oh, if you don't wanna be stuck in a tent for the rest of your life, probably a good idea to talk to Kenli next. He's the mayor. But hey, I won't judge either way.

Upon speaking to Kenli

I wanted to ask about getting a house.
A house? And you're, er, you're asking me? Well, personally, I inherited mine. Have you tried that?
I want to build my own.
OH! Right, yes, of course. Because you have just moved in. The, er, plot didn't come with one?
No matter, I'm sure that I have the paperwork around here somewhere... Just give me a moment...
Oh no... where is it? Hmmm...
I shall tell you what! Go find Tish, our resident carpenter,[sic]
I'm sure she'd be delighted to get you started on some nice furniture while I, er, locate those forms.


  • The quest automatically appears in your quest log upon completing Quest Icon.png Welcome to Palia.
  • After talking to Badruu, you will automatically start the quest Gardening 101.
  • After talking to Reth, you will automatically start the quest Cooking 101.
  • Upon the completion of this quest, the quest Spiffy it Up will automatically appear in the quest log.

Update History

Build 0.169:

  • Badruu & Reth no longer prematurely mention that the player is now ready to speak to Kenli.

Build 0.166:

  • Known Issue: Badruu & Reth prematurely mention that the player is now ready to speak to Kenli, when in fact you should be speaking to Reth or Badruu first, respectively.

Build 0.165:

  • Introduced.