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Louder Than Words is a Friendship Quest given by Najuma upon reaching Friendship Level 2: Shy Acquaintance.


Najuma seems dejected after her last argument with Hodari. She has become convinced that actions speak louder than words, and wants your help proving it. Help her collect the supplies she needs to start working on her safety suit.


Part 1

↷ Return to Najuma


At Quest Completion


  1. Najuma is having a fight with her father about her going into the mines.
  2. Help out Najuma by bringing her some materials to build a safety suit.
    • Silk Thread drops from Rare or Epic Bugs. Some of the easiest ones to find are the Scintillating Centipede which can spawn from mining nodes in Bahari Bay, or the Azure Stonehopper in the fields of Southern Bahari Bay.
    • Leather can be bought from the register in the Furniture Store, or crafted from Sernuk Hide using a Fabric Loom, available at Furniture Making level 2.
    • Optionally, speak to Hodari about Najuma.
  3. Return to Najuma with the materials.

Dialogue and Mail

Part 1

Upon speaking to Najuma at your plot

Oh, h-hey! I didn’t know if you’d actually be home.
Uhm, I was just in the area, a-and thought I’d stop by!

Does your dad know you're here?
I can go places without his permission, you know. I'm not a kid anymore.
I already declared my path and everything.
Besides... he's kind of the problem.

Always glad to see you!
Really? That’s a relief… I thought you’d be annoyed.
I just don’t want to be home right now.

What happened?
Dad still won’t let me back into the mines.
I’ve done everything I can to prove to him I’m responsible, but he just won’t hear it!
He’s treating me like a baby, or like I don’t understand the danger, but I do. I really do…

You are still young.
I’m older than Auni, and he’s allowed to run all around Kilima on his own!
Ugh. He’s always saying that actions speak louder than words. So maybe it’s time I stop listening to his.

Want me to fight him?
W-what? I don't think that'd help anything... trust me, I've argued with him enough.
Besides, he's always saying that actions speak louder than words. So maybe it's time I stop listening to his.

Here, look. I’ve got this design for a safety suit. If I make this, maybe he’ll realize I’m taking it seriously.
I just, uhm. Need your help getting some of the materials. I’m not the best at aiming, and buying them from the store is pretty expensive.
If you get them all, just drop by Bahari. I promise I’ll make it worth your while!


Optional: Upon speaking to Hodari

Why won't you let Najuma in the mines?
S'dark, dangerous, and she's got no good reason to go in anyways.
I ain't so hard up I need to ask my own child to help in the mines.
Only reason she's pushing this so hard's cause she's stubborn.

Wonder where she gets it from?
Ha ha. You never met her mother. When Leta got an idea about somethin', there was no way you'd talk her out of it.
Najuma's so like her...

She's really upset.
I ain't gonna change my mind, player, no matter how upset she is.
If that means I gotta be the bad guy, I'll be the bad guy. If she hates me, at least she'll be alive to do it.

...Look, I appreciate you looking out for her. She doesn't have a lot of friends out here.
But I ain't going to lose her too.


Upon speaking to Najuma

I got you the materials.
This is perfect! I'd better get to work. Uhm... thank you. For helping me. You didn't have to.

I got the supplies AND talked to your dad.
Y-you did?
Uhm. What did he say…?
No, wait. I don’t want to know!
I bet it’s gonna be the same old stuff he always says. He never listens to me, so why should I listen to him?

Thank you for the help, (Player). I really appreciate it. H-here, hopefully this makes up for it.


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