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Memoir Blues is a Friendship Quest given by Sifuu upon reaching Friendship Level 4: Fierce Friend.


Sifuu's feelings are hurt because Hassian didn't like her book. Talk to Hassian to find out why. NOTE: You have to be friendship level 3 with Hassian and complete his quest before he'll open up.


Part 1

  • Get close to Hassian and then ask him about the book.
↷ Return to Sifuu

Part 2

Help Sifuu get the materials she needs to fix her wife Taylin's special bow.

↷ Return to Sifuu with the materials.


At Quest Completion


  1. Seems like things are going well with Sifuu's book, but one person is still not on board.
  2. Become Hassian's great friend! You need to be at Friendship level 3 to proceed with the quest.
    • If you aren't at friendship level 3 or above, you need to give him gifts and talk to him more often.
  3. Approach Hassian to ask him about Sifuu's book.
  4. Go back to Sifuu and explain the situation to her. She will then suggest fixing her wife Taylin's bow.
  5. Gather the needed materials and bring them to Sifuu.
    • Flow-Infused Plank are made by processing Flow-Infused Wood in the Basic Sawmill or Heavy Sawmill. This wood can be found in Flow-infused trees across Palia. They usually glow purple from the base of the tree. Trees that are medium and bigger regenerate quickly, so it's best to chop them down as a team!
    • Silk Thread are dropped by rare and epic bugs. Easiest rare bug to find might be the Azure Stonehopper, found throughout the grassy areas of Pulsewater Plains. They are easy to spot by their purple/blue color.

Dialogue and Mail


Upon speaking to Sifuu

(Player), good news! Caleri decided to carry my memoir --under the fiction section because of the whole confusion about the Gorgon Ape, but still!
Unfortunately, Hassian's, uh, just a little peeved by the whole thing.
I was wondering if you could talk to him for me?
Some things sound better coming from soneone who isn't your mom, ya know?


Upon asking Hassian about the book

Why are you mad about your mom's book?
She shouldn't be involving you in this. I think she's trying to take advantage of our... of you.

Seems like it.

Aren't you glad to see me?

I don't mean to be rude, I know you're only trying your best, but this argument is between me and my mother.

But your mom worked so hard on the book...
It doesn't matter how long she worked on it. It was disrespectful.

This will end faster if you just tell me why you're upset.
Fine, I'll tell you...

Mother LIED about how she met momma. Just to make her life sound more adventurous!

Oh, how did they meet then?
They always knew each other, since they were kids.

She lied about how she met herself?
No, mother is Sifuu. Momma is Taylin.

Mother and momma grew up in the same village. They were hunting partners and best friends before they married.
Their love was built on mutual respect. Not on...carnal longing...or however mother wants to portray it.

You must really miss Taylin.

I get why that hurt.

Mother and I have always... struggled to be close, but things with momma were different.
She taught me how to hunt.
She knew the value of sometimes just being quiet instead of always having to talk.
I always knew I could rely on her. Until...


Until what?

My mothers were bounty hunters. They were assigned to kill a monster that was threatening a nearby village.
...And the entire village they were sworn to protect ended up dead. The monster momma claimed to have killed was spotted leaving the site.
Our people said she lied about killing the monster to get the reward. Momma said the monster died and then somehow regenerated itself.
My mother stood by her and we were kicked out of the village as a result.
But words of her actions spread and no other village would take momma.
So she went to clear her name by killing the beast.
...she did not come back.
I don't know what to think. One one hand, I understand why she wanted to clear her name.
She was an honorable woman. I would have done the same.
On the other hand. It's hard to accept that she had to get herself killed to do it.

Upon returning to Sifuu

I talked to Hassian about your book.
And did you find out why he's got his knickers in a twist?

He's mad cause you lied.

Probably the laundry...actually it's cause you lied.

So I took a few liberties. What's the big deal?!
Oh, it probably has to do with Taylin...I knew her growing up, I didn't meet her in the Dari jungle.
And since she and Hassian were very close, he probably somehow sees that as a betrayal.
Since she died we haven't really made time to talk about her.
I've wanted to, but I just haven't know how [sic].
When Hassian was a boy, he used to always play with Taylin's old bow.
I still have it, but it could use a few repairs.


Upon bringing Sifuu the materials

This will be perfect. I'll give Hassian the bow over dinner tonight. I can't tell you how much this means to me that you wanted to help.
But I can always fact, I whipped you up a little thank you gift while I was waiting on the materials.


Letter from Sifuu

Dear (Player),
I just wanted to let you know Hassian and I talked things out. We discussed how we both feel now that Taylin's gone. I haven't cried that much since I was in diapers, but it was the good kind of cry. And the best part was...Hassian didn't turn away. Usually strong emotions scare him off, but he actually held my hand through it. I like to think the whole thing helped him too. It was kind of like I was crying for the both of us. Anyway, this is probably too much information, but I wanted to let you know how much of an impact you've had on me and my little family.

Sifuu Profile.png Sifuu


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