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ChapaaChuckle.png This article or following section is likely to contain spoilers! Please proceed with caution.

Old Friends is a Found Item Quest started by finding a Note to Chayne inside Chayne's Room.


An old friend of Chayne's is coming to visit. Help Chayne get ready so he doesn't miss his chance.


Part 1

Part 2

Gather local bugs to give to Chayne's friend as a welcome present.

↷ Return to Chayne

Part 3

Collect advice from 5 villagers for Chayne's friend who is visiting Kilima for the first time.

  • 0/5 Gather 5 pieces of advice
↷ Return to Chayne


At Quest Completion


  1. Within Chayne's Room, on top of his vanity, is an interesting looking book, The Disciplines of the Dragon. While reading it, a note falls out.
    • Upon reading the note, you learn that a friend of Chayne's wrote the book.
  2. Speak to Chayne and learn about his friend.
  3. Collect insects from the area for Chayne to present to Mwaanuk upon his visit.
  4. Ask some of the locals about what to expect when visiting Kilima Valley.
  5. Tell Chayne about the advice you received.

Dialogue and Mail


Note to Chayne:


Speak to Chayne

Who's Mwanuuk?[sic]
Ah, you must have read the dedication in their book. Mwaanuk is an old friend. Their parents were also Brothers of the Earth and Air, so sometimes, we would travel together.
We both ended up becoming sages, but they joined the Brothers of Writ and Word. Given our respective work, it has been years since we have conversed in person.
What's stopping you now?
Well... I feel it would be poor taste not to bring a present to our meeting. I mean, Mwaanuk dedicated this whole book to me. But I can't figure something worthy to give them in return.

Give them something they liked as a kid!
Ah, yes. Our favorite activity as children was documenting the wildlife during our travels.

Give them something practical.
I see what you are saying. Their next project is to catalogue[sic] the insects native to Kilima...

Give them something that makes them think of you.
They did once say I reminded them of a Lunar Fairy Moth. Because I loved studying the moon...and usually wore the color blue.

...how about a bunch of bugs?
There is what one time, as children, I put a stinkbug in their tent. That was quite amusing indeed.

You are quite insightful, (Player). A handful of local insects would be the perfect present!
However, they have also requested I aid them with copy edits before they arrive. Therefore, I would also truly appreciate any help you can offer to gather these bugs.

Return to Chayne

I brought the bugs!
Oh, Mwaanuk will love these! My greatest thanks to you, Phoenix's child.
...I... just worry that, well, these bugs... will they be enough? Mwaanuk has permitted me hold onto this copy of their manuscript as a keepsake.
And they will want to release these specimens back into their natural environment, lest we accidentally create a chapaa-like situation elsewhere.
What's stopping you now?
Well... I feel it would be poor taste not to bring a present to our meeting. I mean, Mwaanuk dedicated this whole book to me. But I can't figure something worthy to give them in return.

Maybe you could write them something?
A book? It does seem in line with their interests, being part of the Brothers of Writ and Word. But what would it be about...
Ah! What about life here in the village? After all, it would be Mwaanuk's first time here and could serve as a helpful primer. I could even sprinkle in some anecdotes from the locals.
As you are new to the village, I believe they will give you more applicable advice, so I would be grateful if you could collect advice in my stead.

Well, that was a waste...
Not a waste, but I do want to do something more.
Ah! Why don't a[sic] write a primer about life here in the village? I could sprinkle in some colorful anecdotes from the locals.
As you are also new to the village, I believe they will give you more applicable advice, so I would be grateful if you could collect advice in my stead.

Speak to villagers

I'm collecting advice for Chayne's friend who's visiting Kilima.

I see. I think, first thing I'd tell them would be...well, the first thing Chayne told me when we met.
Somehow, he was able to tell right away what I'd been through. An' he just tell me, livin' in a new place is hard. That I shouldn't be afraid to ask for help.
...Sorry. Didn't mean to get all sappy on you like that.
Is that all you need? 'Cuz I guess I should start preparing a room for our guest.

I've got tons of advice! Hmm...lemme think...
Oh, yeah! Whenever I get sick, Chayne makes medicine outta plants he finds right here in the valley. His friend should do lots of exploring, too!
And maybe some bugs as well! You think they'd wanna be a Bug Scout?

Chayne? Needin' advice from us? Well, I'll be. Because lotta what I know, ah got from him!
It's like Chayne said, best way to learn 'bout Kilima is to talk to those of us who been living'[sic] here our whole lives!
Now dearie, let me know if you need anythin' else. I'll be in the kitchen, bakin' a pie for our newcomer!

Oh, my! A friend of Chayne's? Coming to me for advice? Let me see...
Every year, Chayne sends me a card to commemorate the arrival of the adorable chapaa to our valley. Little gestures like that go a long way to remind our friends we care.
Oh... but now I must figure out whether I should tell Eshe about our visitor... will she want to plan a welcome party? She always gets so frustrated with me before parties...

A friend, huh? Are we talking a friend or a "friend"? Man, I would totally wiggle my eyebrows right now if I could.
I think, if this person's new to town, they'd probably like to know one of the things Chayne taught me when he was helping me resupply my medical kit.
If you're new and not sure what to do, sometimes the best thing to do is to look for people who need help and go to them first.
Hope that works, (Player). But yeah, report back with the saucy deets as soon as you get 'em, kay?


Return to Chayne

I gathered the advice you requested.
This... is not what I expected. These stories... they're all about me.
This... this is... why, (Player), I am wholly speechless.
The stories you've collected will be a wonderful way for Mwaanuk and I to catch up, a way to tell them about all the people that I care about who live here.
Perhaps, they will even take this volume home and add it to their library.
Thank you. I cannot wait to tell Mwaanuk about all you have done for me. Please take these, it is the least I can do.


The Disciplines of the Dragon:

The Disciplines of the Dragon
 «  A Primer on the Orders of Sages  » 

This handbook is dedicated to my oldest and dearest friend, Chayne, and our shared childhood that inspired this publication.

Choosing the sage's Path is a noble one, ideal for any young Majiri looking to aid their community. However, a young sage's choice does not end at one's Path ceremony.

Given the wide range of duties that sages provide, young disciples are ecouraged[sic] to focus on their preferred responsibilities. This guide will explain the common practices of each specialty, so you can make an informed choice
 ‹  1 / 5  › 

Rite and Ritual

Members station themselves within a town or community, vowing to serve as its spiritual pillar. You will lead the ceremonies your neighbors need, whether they require birthdays or funerals. On more ordinary days, you will still be expected to care for people by providing advice and medicines. There is no place like home for the sage of Rite and Ritual.

 ‹  2 / 5  › 

Earth and Air

Members travel throughout Palia, living a nomadic lifestyle, as stewards of the natural world. You will keep a careful eye on the health of the environment, learning to care for rocks, waters, plants, and animals. You may be called upon to plant new trees or educate others on the ways of the land. The sage of Earth and Air blossoms when helping Palia grow.

 ‹  3 / 5  › 

Moon and Stars

Members track the movements of meterological[sic] and planetary bodies to make predictions. On most nights, you will watch the moons and record the signs that Dragon, Maji, sends from the lunar wellspring. During the day, you will interpret your findings into advice for your community. Curious sages will find their place among the Moon and Stars.

 ‹  4 / 5  › 

Writ and Word

Members devote themselves to study and record-keeping, aiding everyone from civilians to other sages. They create documents and treatises today, so future generations can learn from their ancestors. You will spend your time maintaining archives of knowledge and adding new volumes. A good sage of Writ and Word will go down in history.

 ‹  5 / 5  › 

  • In the first dialogue with Chayne, the player mispronounces/misspells Mwaanuk, it is unclear whether this is intentional.
  • There is repeat dialogue between the first and second time speaking with Chayne.
  • All dialogue was collected at minimum friendship level 3.

Update History

Build 0.177:

  • Introduced.