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A Small Room is a Housing Add-on that can be bought in the City Hall. By building it, you expand your current house.

To place a Small Room, use the menu (default keybinding). Small Rooms can have the following items attached, Fireplaces Fireplaces, Harvest House Harvest House, Kilima Door Kilima Door, Kilima Porch Kilima Porch, Large Room Large Room, Medium Room Medium Room, and Narrow Hallway Section Narrow Hallway Section.


Like all Housing Add-ons, the price will increase for every Small Room purchased. Initially increasing by Gold.png 750 Gold and by an additional Gold.png 250 Gold on every 10th purchase.

1st Small Room Gold.png 6,000
2nd Small Room Gold.png 6,750
3rd Small Room Gold.png 7,500
4th Small Room Gold.png 8,250
5th Small Room Gold.png 9,000
6th Small Room Gold.png 9,750
7th Small Room Gold.png 10,500
8th Small Room Gold.png 11,250
9th Small Room Gold.png 12,000
10th Small Room Gold.png 12,750
11th Small Room Gold.png 13,750
12th Small Room Gold.png 14,750

50th Small Room Gold.png 67,750


Update History

Build 0.180:

  • Several Buildings have had their cost and build times significantly reduced.
    • Small Room build time: 4 hours -> 24 minutes
    • Construction costs: 60 sapwood plank, 22 stone brick -> 60 sapwood plank, 20 stone brick