Terracotta Paver

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Terracotta Paver is an Abundant Customization item from the Pavers furniture set that can be used to decorate the Player's Housing Plot.


Follow the red brick road! Leads directly to... well, wherever you want!

–In-Game Item Description

How to Obtain

Terracotta Paver is craftable at the Worktable after the Player obtains the recipe.

Obtain the Recipe

The recipe for Terracotta Paver is available for purchase at the Crop Store for: Gold.png 1,000. This is the register found at the open-air stand of the Daiya Family Farm in Kilima Valley and can be accessed at any time.


Terracotta Paver is not modifiable.


Terracotta Paver is currently not known to be used by any Accomplishments, Crafting Recipes, or in Cooking.


Update History

Build 0.180:

  • Introduced