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The Garden Snail is a Uncommon bug in Palia.


A snail that has evolved over time to look like a leaf. Good for hiding from predators, bad for hiding from the Leafstalker Mantis.

–In-Game Item Description

Bug Catching


Garden Snails can be found at any time of day along the coast of Bahari Bay, including among the beaches and shallows of Beachcomber Cove, Lighthouse Lagoon, and Coral Shores. It can also be found in the fields and forests of north Bahari Bay, including the Statue Garden, Flooded Steps, The Outskirts, Proudhorn Pass, and the Thorny Thicket.


Garden Snails are slow-moving insects that spawn throughout much of Bahari Bay. They are easiest to spot on sand, as their green shells allow them to blend in well with the grass of North Bahari or remain hidden in the shallow water along the coastline.

Garden Snails are alerted by nearby player movement and Smoke Bombs, and will attempt to run away once startled. Although they will continue in a straight line before burrowing into the ground and disappearing, Garden Snails are incredibly slow, giving players plenty of time to aim and throw additional Smoke Bombs as needed.


There is a chance Garden Snail will grant a Veronica Flower Veronica Flower when caught.


Starred versions of this bug can be placed as a decor.

Terrarium size: 5x4 (Medium, Rectangular)

Experience from catching Garden Snail counts towards the following accomplishments:


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Garden Snail is not required for any Quests.


Garden Snail is not required for any Bundles.


Update History

Build 0.180:

  • Values changed:
    • Base: Gold.png 36Gold.png 43
    • SQ.png Quality: Gold.png 54Gold.png 64