Master Kilima and Bahari Bug Collector

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For the related skill, see Bug Catching.


A Bug Catching accomplishment earned by catching every bug at star quality in Kilima and Bahari Bay.


Collect every bug at SQ.png star quality in Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay.

Master Kilima and Bahari Bug Collector  
Garden LeafhopperSQ.png
Garden MantisSQ.png
Hairy MillipedeSQ.png
Rainbow-Tipped ButterflySQ.png
Vampire CrabSQ.png
Firebreathing DragonflySQ.png
Brushtail DragonflySQ.png
Ancient Amber BeetleSQ.png
Inky DragonflySQ.png
Common Field CricketSQ.png
Common Blue ButterflySQ.png
Bahari CrabSQ.png
Leafstalker MantisSQ.png
Kilima Night MothSQ.png
Garden LadybugSQ.png
Gossamer Veil MothSQ.png
Spotted MantisSQ.png
Duskwing ButterflySQ.png
Jewelwing DragonflySQ.png
Princess LadybugSQ.png
Fairy MantisSQ.png
Garden MillipedeSQ.png
Common Bark CicadaSQ.png
Cerulean CicadaSQ.png
Raspberry BeetleSQ.png
Spotted StinkbugSQ.png
Bahari BeeSQ.png
Scintillating CentipedeSQ.png
Proudhorned Stag BeetleSQ.png
Lunar Fairy MothSQ.png
Stripeshell SnailSQ.png
Spitfire CicadaSQ.png
Bahari GlowbugSQ.png
Spineshell CrabSQ.png
Golden Glory BeeSQ.png
Garden SnailSQ.png
Paper Lantern BugSQ.png
Brighteye ButterflySQ.png
Azure StonehopperSQ.png


When you complete the accomplishment you'll be given the following rewards: