Firebreathing Dragonfly

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The Firebreathing Dragonfly is a Rare bug in Palia.


This dragonfly is notoriously difficult to catch, in part due to its fiery breath.

–In-Game Item Description

Found in the fields of Kilima.

Bug Catching


The Firebreathing Dragonfly can be found around the Mirror Pond Ruins, Mirror Fields, and by the Daiya Family Farm in Kilima Valley during any time of day.


The Firebreathing Dragonfly darts around in the air, pausing for several seconds after it moves, and is easily identifiable by its bright red body and orange wings.

It is alerted by nearby player movement and Smoke Bombs, and will attempt to flee. Because of its quick speed, it is recommended that players wait until the Firebreathing Dragonfly pauses its movement before attempting to throw additional Smoke Bombs.


In addition to the bug, Firebreathing Dragonfly grants 0 - 7 Silk Thread when caught.


Starred versions of this bug can be placed as a decor.

Terrarium size: 3x3 (Small, Rectangular)

Experience from catching Firebreathing Dragonfly counts towards the following accomplishments:



Villagers who like Firebreathing Dragonfly all the time:
This excludes Weekly Wants, please confirm with the villagers if Firebreathing Dragonfly is desired on special occasions.


Firebreathing Dragonfly is used in the following Quests:


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