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The Fairy Mantis is an Epic bug in Palia.


A mantis from early Majiri legend only recently confirmed to exist by modern entomologists. Said to have magical properties.

–In-Game Item Description

Bug Catching


Fairy Mantises can be found at any time of day in the fields and cliffs of south Bahari Bay, including Pulsewater Plains, Hideaway Bluffs, and on top of Pavel Mines.


Although it is exceedingly rare and encountering one can be difficult, the Fairy Mantis is easily identifiable by its bright pink body and bright green eyes. It is also the easiest Epic insect to catch thanks to its predictable movement patterns.

Fairy Mantises are alerted by nearby player movement and Smoke Bombs, and will hop a short distance away before briefly pausing. During this time, players should be ready to throw additional Smoke Bombs as needed.


In addition to the bug, Fairy Mantis grants 0 - 17 Silk Thread when caught.


Starred versions of this bug can be placed as a decor.

Terrarium size: 5x4 (Medium, Rectangular)

Experience from catching Fairy Mantis counts towards the following accomplishments:


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Fairy Mantis is not required for any Quests.


Fairy Mantis is not required for any Bundles.


Update History

Build 0.180:

  • Values changed:
    • Base: Gold.png 360Gold.png 440
    • SQ.png Quality: Gold.png 540Gold.png 660