Jewelwing Dragonfly

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The Jewelwing Dragonfly is a Epic bug in Palia.


A Dragonfly with wings as bright and colorful as any precious stone.

–In-Game Item Description

Bug Catching


The Jewelwing Dragonfly spawns exclusively on the cliffs above Pavel Mines in Bahari Bay. It can be found at any time of day.


The Jewelwing Dragonfly darts around in the air, pausing for several seconds after it moves. Although it is quite small, it is easy to spot as it is the only dragonfly in Bahari Bay that does not spawn near a water source. The Jewelwing Dragonfly is of Epic rarity, and can be notoriously difficult to find even when knowing its spawn location.

It is alerted by nearby player movement and Smoke Bombs, and will attempt to flee. Because of its quick speed, it is recommended that players wait until the Jewelwing Dragonfly pauses its movement before attempting to throw additional Smoke Bombs.


In addition to the bug, Jewelwing Dragonfly grants 0 - 14 Silk Thread when caught.


Starred versions of this bug can be placed as a decor.

Terrarium size: 3x3 (Small, Rectangular)

Experience from catching Jewelwing Dragonfly counts towards the following accomplishments:

Other methods of obtain

Auni's Friendship Quest for advancing into Friendship Level 3 Quest Icon.png In Tents gives one star quality Jewelwing Dragonfly as a reward.


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Jewelwing Dragonfly is not used for any Quests.


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Update History

Build 0.180:

  • Values changed:
    • Base: Gold.png 360Gold.png 440
    • SQ.png Quality: Gold.png 540Gold.png 660